Rottweilers have always fascinated me, I could watch them for hours in the ring during the exhibitions.

 After long thought I decided to buy my first, ideal rottweiler with a pedigree.
And that was start of our adventure with these wonderful dogs.
                                                In 1998 we bought rottweiler female named Etna (in house ELZA) from rottweiler kennel Skordatura from Cracow,

doughter of PAX Predator (ChPl a top sire who two times was the most beautiful dog in breed)

and AVIA od Łaziora.
Female satisfied my biggest dreams.

Excellent mentally with huge desire to work, she passed PT, PO I and PO II.

ELZA in his life had two litters of puppies A'', and'' B.

From the first litter we kept ALFA, female great mentally and
exterier as confirmed in many shows with exceptional results,

 when she was 9 months old received the title of Youth Champion of Poland, then the title Ch.Pl.

In 2007 I decided to breed abain our ALFA.

18.11 2007 our ELZA passed away leaving us in big sad.

 ALFA ELZA's daughter and granddaughter of ELZA - COSTA tried to fill this emptiness.

Although we are young kennel with little experience,

we put all heart in our breeding.

In May, Costa went to the show in Bytom - won first place and Youth Winner

In Another show in Zakopane I place and Youth Winner, next show in Nowy Targ, I place Youth Winner.

In August 2008 ALFA gave us second litter.

Costa passed the mental tests, hips x-rays with HD: A and became a breeding bitch.

21 November 2010 came to us from the Czech breeeing Lib-Vach


With her our life is more happy and we are very proud of her.

In February she went to her first exhibition in Rzeszow,

when she was 12 months old

 she became a Youth Champion of Poland.

Unfortunately 18.03 2012 years we get another blow,

our beloved Alfa (AZUNIA) passed away.

Currently, we plan to breed our Heidy from the many beautiful dogs

we choose sire with beautiful exterier,

great mental and strictly working dogs..

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